In the tough times of Coronavirus, the world has been squeezed to a small box and people are forced to be confined in their homes because of the threat of the virus being spread. The work force is being forced to work from home because social distancing practices are in place and we all should abide by them as responsible citizens. This is the time when Cross Point Technology Solutions Australia steps in and help the Australians in joining hands and getting together through video conferencing in Melbourne 


Through our state-of-the-art managed IT solutions based in BrisbaneCross Point Technology Solutions Australia has stepped in the game as one of the most reliable sources for online meetings and getting things done during these challenging times. This is the time when people need to become tech savvy and get the most out of the magical computing machines. This is when people need to realise that no matter how hard the circumstances are, we are and will always be the global leaders in the IT work and therefore Cross Point Technology Solutions Australia is a dependable source for the provision of reliable tech services. Through our services by Cross Point Technology Solutions Australia, we have managed to get the most talented and experienced individuals on-boards who are responsible for taking care of the IT services and therefore serve as an asset to the team. 

Now that the world is massively dependent on IT services for working and communicating, this is high time to understand the do’s and the don’ts of the video conferencing system and understand the basic etiquettes that serve as the building blocks for this practice. 

  1. Most of the times, it is seen that when people are talking on video conference calls, once they are done with their side of argument, they leave the microphone open and everyone can just hear the irrelevant conversations that they may be having with other people. The sounds that are produced can be very distracting to the other participants present in the calls and can cause them to be annoyed. This also shows that the person responsible is not serious about the job. Therefore, it is always advised to turn off the mic when you are done talking. 
  2. Since, due to the pandemic, the meetings are not being help in person therefore some people are of the illusion that it is okay to come late in an online meeting. The online meeting holds the same level of importance as the in-person meetings and therefore everyone needs to be sure of the punctuality. Make sure that you are always on time in the online video conferencing. When people are not punctual, it causes unnecessary stoppages and the rhythm of the meeting is disturbed. 
  3. Make sure that once you join a meeting online, your connection is stable, and you do not experience any sort of network glitches. This is because the online meetings depend heavily on the connectivity and therefore it is important for the people to have a good connection so that there is no hinderance in the smooth flow of the meeting. In case your connection experiences any planned or unplanned maintenance, you should always let your service provider know about the meeting and get the things in flow before the meeting starts. 
  4. Sometimes during online meetings it is difficult for the host to engage all the participants, it is always suggested for them to get help of technology for effective engaging and therefore you should always share your screen and ask relevant questions from the participants in order to keep the meeting interesting. 
  5. Make sure that you choose to wear proper clothing even if the meeting is not being held in person. The meeting etiquettes do not change even if there if online meeting because the people are judging you irrespective of the medium. 

As mentioned earlier, Cross Point Technology Solutions Australia is here to take care of all your managed IT services. Contact us today and get hold of your bullet speed internet connection. 

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