The Best Fairy Entertainers for Best Birthday Party

This not an untrue fact that every child wants to become a fairy or elf at any point in their childhood. Especially girls love to live in the world of fantasy. They imagined their self as their favorited fairy character told by their parents. So why not make their dream comes true by arranging fairy entertainment. Down there we have listed some mind-blowing ideas for fairy entertainment parties that will make your child the happiest one on the whole earth.  

Fairy cake: 

Cakes are without any shadow of a doubt is the most imperative part of any birthday party. Not an individual can imagine a birthday party without a cake. To have a birthday party more fantasizing and special, fairy birthday cakes are available in the market. Your small move will make your kid’s day even more special. So, write a fairy theme cake in your to-do list if you want to see your child smiling and enjoying his/her party. 

Hire Fairy Entertainers: 

The second step is to hire fairy character actors to throw a joyful party. They don’t cost much as they are local actors. They transform their self-according to the character your child loves and admire. Hiring fairy entertainers in Melbourne will be the best gift for your child because in this way he will be able to meet his favourite fairy entertainer. Only you will know the secret that they are not real ones. This will add more fun and excitement to your child’s birthday party. If you are unable to find one at your home, you can contact any fairy entertainment hire company also. They will do your work at a minimal cost. So, hire these characters and surprise your kid.  

Fairy Games for entertainment: 

A part without fun is just like candy without sugar. Kids love to play games at any birthday party. No matter if they are invited as a guest or the birthday boy/girl. Here we listed top fairy themed games for your beloved child’s special day. 

Fairy tag Freeze 

The theme of this game depends on the good and bad fairy. It requires to main players. One to play as a good fairy and other as a bad fairy. The good fairy has the power to unfreeze while bad fairy wand has the power to freeze. The rest of the participants run here and there across the play area. The goal is not to get tag by the bad fairy wand as it will freeze them. On the other hand, a good fairy’s job is to unfreeze the tagged players. It’s fun to play this game. It will engage your kid and his or her guest very well.  

Fairy Dust Relay 

The sandbox should be transformed into a pool of pixie dust by mixing sand and glitters together. Divide the players into the two teams. Each team should be given a bottle and a spoon. The 1st player of the team runs towards the pixie pool. Then he must scoop a spoonful of pixie dust and bring it back to the starting point. Trying to spill as little as possible. A spoonful of sand then pours into the bottle. Make use of funnel if required. Then the spoon will be handed over to the next player. The team who will fill the bottle first will win the race.  

Fairy musical Chairs 

For this game, you first need to set up space. This game resembles with traditional musical chairs game. Arrange the chairs in a set of five or more chairs. Five chairs will be accurate because if you prolong the game unnecessarily then kids might be getting bored of playing this game. Let the children wore some wings like a fairy. Play the music and tell them to fly. The one who survives all the chair elimination rounds will win the game. This game should be played in a group of six kids. You will be amazed to see how your children are enjoying kids party entertainment in Melbourne with traditional musical chair game in a new fairy theme.  

These are some tricks and tips to make your child’s day even more special with these fairy themes. You can spice up your old part theme with a little twist of adding new fun and flavour. We guarantee you that your kid will like this allot. 

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