Top carpet cleaning trends to be followed in 2019

Colourful carpets not only adds to the beauty of your home but also makes room for sitting on the floor. Nowadays there are a huge variety of carpets and rugs to style your home depending on the furniture and curtains. But before investing in installing carpets in every room of your house make sure you are well aware of maintaining it, there are a lot of cleaning methods followed nowadays to keep the brightness and shine of your carpet long lasting. With proper care and regular cleaning you can improve the life of your carpet up to 10 years easily. Let us look into the most popular and useful carpet cleaning methods and techniques 

Hot water/steam extraction 

This process requires a high pressure bean of hot water in steam form to be bombarded on a the surface of carpet directly through a nozzle or pipe, due to extreme pressure and high temperature dirt particles and dust sticking to carpet fibres for so long will just eventually dissolve into water particles and get of the carpet leaving it clean, after that the carpet is brushed gently with a detergent to ensure maximum cleaning of the dirt from deep ends of the carpet. An average room carpet will take up to 2 hours for this process to complete and then left to dry naturally giving your carpet the new look as you just bought it. 

Carpet shampooing 

This process as the name suggests will require washing the carpet with shampoo, this is an old and less popular technique introduced around 70’s.  This technique can be harder and used to clean heavily soiled carpets. The main disadvantage of this technique is you will be left will unwashed foam residue trapped in carpet residues and afterwards sticks to the carpet and make it dirty again quickly. 

Bonnet cleaning 

This process requires cleaning the top surface of the carpet with a heavy motorised machine with a spinning motion infused with a detergent. However this process is only common in hotels as it is not a deep cleaning method for carpets but often used as a quick fix as it will only clean the top surface giving it a clean and new look however the deep follicles have still dirt in it and it will come on top in no time. It is not recommended often as it can also affect the quality of the carpet fibres because of high spinning pad 

Dry cleaning 

Dry cleaning or compound cleaning was introduced first in 1980’s but it’s still the most popular method today and highly functional as it doesn’t require hours and hours of drying. This methods requires a cleaning compound used for dry carpet cleaning in Brisbane which is easily available in markets today, the compound is applied on the bottom part of the carpet and with help of similar rotating motorised machine used in bonnet cleaning is used to thoroughly opening the fibres and extract the dirt particles out of the carpet, the compound is also usually made of biodegradable agents and will not remain in the carpet fibres and will be cleaned easily leaving a fresh and crisp look of your carpet. Nowadays companies made their own cleaning agent/compound which is easily washable and will give long lasting results. Dry cleaning is safe and recommended for all types of carpets specially office carpets and public places where people walk with shoes on. And for best results it’s often done once a month. 

Generally you can opt for any industrial cleaning in North Lakes or conventional carpet cleaning method based on your convenience and the type of carpet you have. The last technique is the most popular and common technique as it is hassle free, quick and easy and doesn’t require much of effort. Invest in a good carpet cleaning method and worry no more for the cleaning of your rugs and carpets. 

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