What traits should be present in an English tutor?

Education is the one of the main things that distinguishes man from animal. Before the introduction of education, man used to live a barbarous lifestyle. The concept of education has made man civilized and taken him out from the living like wild animals. This is through education that different rules were published and different professions caminto beings. Teachers or tutors are playing the main role in building this education system. It will not be incorrect to say that whole education system is put on teacher’s shoulders and they carry it with full pride. They make their students or pupils capable enough to enter in the professional world and work with full honesty. There are specific teachers or tutors for each subject. In this article, we will be discussing about English teacher and the traits that should be present in an English teacher. 

Education system: 

There is no second opinion in the fact that the inculcation of education has shaped man’s life from totally absurd way of living to the most civilized being. Education not only helps man in building his career, but it does much more than that. It is through education that person is able to distinguish through right and wrong. It is through education that person is able to stand confidently and put his opinion or point forward. All the professions or fields like field of medicine, engineering profession, and field of accountancy came into being just because of the introduction of education system. This education system is obviously run by different groups of people starting from dean or principal to teacher. However, it will not be incorrect to say that the most important part is played by teachers. It is the teachers who are running this whole education system perfectly. 


We know that there are teachers to teach us in our education systems like in schools, colleges and universities. Besides these teachers, there are tutors as well. Tutors are the people who are equally educated as any other school or college teacher, but they provide their services of teaching a student at their homes as well. Even though the terms teacher and tutor” are one and the same thing but still tutor is labelled with one on one classes that are given at home. There are tutors for every subject varying from chemistry tutor to physics tutor in Melbourne, but we will particularly be discussing about the English tutor in Sydney. 

English tutor and the traits that should be present in him/her: 

English tutors are equally important for both; native English speakers as well as non-native English speakers. Most people have misconception that as they are native English speakers so they do not have to learn English specifically from an English tutor but this is totally a wrong assumption as native English speakers only know about daily life phrases, they are not well acknowledged with English grammar or history of English origin or about English literature. Similarly, non-native English speakers obviously must hire an English tutor to have a good understanding of English language. Now, the question that arises is that what should be the qualification and traits of English tutor? 

As long as qualification is concerned, an English tutor must have a bachelor’s degree for teaching junior school students whereas in case of teaching higher classes, he must have master’s degree in English language or literature. Apart from qualification, an English tutor must have the full grip and command over English language so that he will be able to answer and English related question. Moreover, he should be well mannered and treat student in a polite way while keeping little strictness at the same time. Above mentioned were some of the basic things that should be present in each English tutor. 


Our education system is perfectly running by the efforts of different groups of people belonging to this field. However, one of the most important roles in educating children or people is played by teachers and tutors. Tutors are the teachers who teach people at their homes. English tutor must either have a bachelor’s degree or master’s degree to teach pupils English. “Tutoring for excellence” offers the services of best English tutor who have full command over English language as well as literature. 

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