Either you are new immigrant or a person living in Sydney, you will know that you can never associate the work cheap with the real estate market of the huge metropolitan city. This solely because the price of the raw materials used in the house building is exponentially high and it is mostly impossible for a person in their midway career to own or even to modify their house according to their requirements. This is where Initial Tiles and Bath Ware Australia comes in to change you believes and make you want to own a decent house at a very affordable price. The most expensive house accessory that you can think of are the tiles that are used on the ground. The kitchen wall tiles in Sydney being an important statement for any house, need to be of a good quality so that you can have a good time in the heart of your house. The kitchen wall tiles need to be of a certain quality so that they can stay attached to the base even after multiple exposure to the hot environment. We at Initial Tiles and Bath Ware Australia make and import quality kitchen wall tiles to provide them to our customers at reasonable rates. 

We at Initial Tiles and Bath Ware Australia offer a wide range of cheap bathroom tiles for sale. The cheap bathroom tiles for sale come in different designs that are not only attractive but always trendy. You can always look up to Initial Tiles and Bath Ware Australia website for cheap bathroom tiles for sale. The sales usually start in mid-summer and last till end of winters. We at Initial Tiles and Bath Ware Australia make sure that the product range we import from the suppliers is always kept up to date with the latest trends in the industry and make sure that the tiles are of high quality in addition to the competitive prices. 


The coefficient of friction, smoothness, porosity and its ability to withstand extended pressure are the characteristics that we at Initial Tiles and Bath Ware Australia affiliate with a good quality tile. There a number that are assigned to different kinds of tiles that can mean different things based on the type of tile we are dealing with. If the number 1 is assigned to tiles made out of stones, it means that these tiles are of high quality but if the number 1 is given to ceramic tiles, it means the tiles are of poor quality. This is why we make sure that the customer is highly aware about the grade of the tile they are buying for their use in the house. 

Initial Tiles and Bath Ware Australia knows that the colour fastness of the tiles solely depend on the base material of the tile as stone tiles have the tendency to retain their colour even after decades of use while the tiles that are made of ceramics are often fragile to extensive uses and therefore lose their colour over a period of time. It is always advised to you water based cleaning detergents for ceramic tiles because any chemical can cause harm to ceramic tiles and therefore there is a high probability that the ceramic tile will lose its colour and shine if chemicals are extensively applied to the base of the tile. Make sure that the cleaning is not done using any abrasive brush or foam that can rip off the colour due to pressure. 

Initial Tiles and Bath Ware Australia provides the most competitive prices to the customers so that they can get the most affordable times at the most decent rates. As mentioned earlier, we at Initial Tiles and Bath Ware Australia offer a wide range of cheap bathroom tiles for sale. The cheap bathroom tiles for sale come in different designs that are not only attractive but always trendy. You can always look up to Initial Tiles and Bath Ware Australia website for cheap bathroom tiles for sale. The sales usually start in mid-summer and last till end of winters. Contact us today and get the quotation for your desired design of the tiles. 

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